Moba Torchs

Decorate your level with these beautiful low poly, hand painted Torch set!
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Need to decorate or make your scenario even more alive?

With this MOBA torch set you can increase the value of your environment with 2 different torch.

The torch models are easy to remodel and modify if necessary, so is it's textures!

The moba torch set comes with:

Torch big

  • 132 tris, (1024x1024) diffuse texture;

Torch Small

  • 134 tris, (512x512) diffuse texture;

Available in 5 different formats: .max, .obj, .fbx, .dae and .3ds.

More MOBA assets to come, so stay tuned!


Published: 16 Sep 13
Last Update: 25 Aug 14
Size: 1.36Mb

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