MOBA Rocks

Decorate your level with these beautiful low poly, hand painted 5 rock set!
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Need to decorate or make your scenario even more alive?

With this MOBA rock set you can increase the value of your environment with 5 different rocks. You can rotate them, and the user will not even notice they are the same!

The rocks models are easy to remodel and modify if necessary, so is it's textures!

They work great with the 
MOBA base pack and  MOBA wall set

The moba rock set comes with:

Rock big
  • 222 tris, (1024x1024) diffuse texture;
Rock Medium
  • 176 tris, (512x512) diffuse texture;
Rock Small 1
  • 68 tris, (256x256) diffuse texture;
Rock Small 2
  • 58 tris, (256x256) diffuse texture;
Rock Small 3
  • 78 tris, (256x256) diffuse texture;

Available in 5 different formats: .max, .obj, .fbx, .dae and .3ds.

More MOBA assets to come, so stay tuned!


Published: 10 Sep 13
Last Update: 25 Aug 14
Size: 1.60Mb

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stone rock medieval tilable low poly props environment 3d